China is seeking to make its own secure smartphones, in an attempt to insulate its handsets from US surveillance.中国于是以谋求自律研制安全性智能手机,防止中国手机被美国监控。The effort involves both State-owned companies and some of the countrys savvier technology firms and marks the latest step in Beijings quest to build a homegrown tech industry that cuts out US suppliers.国企和一些比较顶尖的科技公司都在为此希望,这是中国谋求发展一个美国供应商无缘的本土科技行业的近期措施。Now, a number of Chinese technology companies are making progress toward cutting the cords to Western technology.目前,一些中国科技公司在挣脱西方技术倚赖方面正在获得进展。ZTE Corp is working on a secure smartphone for government agencies using an operating system developed in-house, and a processor chip from a Chinese supplier, a spokesman said.中兴通讯一名发言人回应,公司正在为政府部门研发一款安全性智能手机,这款手机使用了自律研发的操作系统和中国供应商的处理器芯片。

The countrys largest chip-design company, Spreadtrum Communications Inc, separately said it would begin mass producing a set of chips that run a Chinese operating system by year-end.中国仅次于的芯片设计公司展讯通信有限公司另称之为,公司将于年底前开始批量生产一系列运营国产操作系统的芯片。Alibaba Group has joined with Chinas Ministry of Public Security to develop a mobile operating system for police officers.阿里巴巴集团已与公安部联合开发警员专用的移动操作系统。